MTO SHOCKER: 14-Year-Old Girl Is Praised As HERO . . . For Shooting Her FATHER . . . To Protect Her MOTHER!!


There's an interesting story coming out of Cleveland, Ohio. A 14-year-old girl, Bresha Meadows was arrested after fatally shooting her own father prosecutors say. Bresha reportedly took her 41-year-old father's OWN GUN - and shot him with it, killing him instantly.

But there's more to the story. Multiple members in Bresha's family, including her mom and others, are calling the girl a HERO. They claim that the Bresha's dad Jonathan was a VIOLENT DRUNK - and the family claims that Bresha was "protecting" herself and her mom.

Brandy's mother Brandi Meadows told local Fox 8, "I am so sorry she had to go through this. She is my hero. She helped me; she helped all of us so we could have a better life.

"She is my hero; I wasn’t strong enough to get out and she helped me."

And there is evidence that what Bresha did was self-defense. Police records show that officers were called to the property after reports that Johnathan had tried to kill Brandi and their three children.

Charges of domestic abuse were brought against Johnathan, but were later dropped by Brandi and he was never convicted.

Right now Bresha sits behind bars and faces up to 20 years in prison.