MTO SHOCK WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Middle School Teacher Gets Arrested After Going 'CRAZY' . . . CHOKE SLAMMING Students . . . We Got The VIDEO!!! (Did The Teacher Go TO FAR??)

Original: learned that a teacher in Crooked Oak Middle school in Oklahoma may have been arrested and charged with "strangulation."

This comes after we obtained video showing the teacher "choke slamming" multiple students. The teacher, who we're told used to be a basketball coach and teach a computer class, was breaking up a fight and things got OUT OF CONTROL.

After the fight appeared to be over, the teacher continued CHOKE SLAMMING students who were just standing there.

The man believed to be the teacher in the video is Charles Randall Butler. He was arrested on the same day - and charged with STRANGULATION.

Here's the video:

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