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MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Prankster Runs Outside During A Storm . . . With a Metal Pan Over His Head . . . And Is STRUCK BY LIGHTNING!! (R.I.P.)

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A social media prankster was KILLED yesterday – he was struck by lightning.
The man – who is from Hawaii – attempted to “prank” his friend, by running out into the storm with a METAL PAN on his head.

Bad idea. As the below video shows, he was STRUCK by lightning and killed. While the person recording didn't actually catch the moment he was struck on camera, a huge blast as seen and the lightning strike triggered the alarms of the local cars parked in the parking lot. Screams can be heard following the lightning bolt before the recording abruptly ends.

While social media pranks can be hilarious (and maybe even worth it sometimes) playing with stormy weather is always a gamble - even if you're just trying to take a nice picture of your surroundings.

This comes just a month after a tourist was struck by lightning and killed while on a family hike New Year's Day near Kings Canyon in the Northern Territory. At the time, he was carrying a metal camera tripod so that he could photograph the storm but lost his life.

August 2017, an Austrian man hiking in the Sierra Nevada got struck by a lightning bolt. The strike was so powerful that it blasted away his clothes and left him with an entry hole in his head and an exit wound in his foot, while he was trying to take a photo from 9,000 feet up.

Let's leave the metals alone during a storm. Cameras, pans... all of it. It just isn't worth risking your life!