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MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Woman Uses A TASER . . . On Her PRIVATE PARTS . . . Just To Get More 'LIKES'!! (Rushed To HOSPITAL)

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A woman from Chicago was taken to the hospital with BURNS on her private area.
According to reports, the woman used a TASER on her private parts – in an attempt to increase her social media following.

It worked – the video was liked more than 100,000 times.

This is not the first time this same woman has done this. At the end of last year, a video circulated of her fully dressed, wearing light denim jeans, a pink tee shirt, and boots before turning around to tase herself near her booty.

There's a pattern developing here. She must enjoy the sensation otherwise we don't understand why she'd try it again. She must know by now the her "vibrator" isn't really a vibrator!

You'd be surprised at how many women have actually tased themselves down below. It happens far more often than it should.

At the end of 2016, a blonde woman went viral when she was videotaped at a house party taking her pants off, holding the taser to her nether regions, and then tasing herself. As she rolled around the floor in pain, the rest of the party pointed and laughed at her stupidity. And it WAS stupid.

Even though some of these videos might be hilarious and accumulate a high number of views and likes - tasers can be lethal. After being tasered, your ability to process information can be lethal. For people who may have a pre-existing heart condition, the shocks can cause irregular heart rhythms and even a heart attack.

So please, don't try this mess at home!

Here is the link to the video