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MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Wife CATCHES Her Husband With SIDE CHICK . . . Pours HOT SOUP On His Face!! (2nd Degree Burns)

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Having a side chick these days can be DEADLY. An African man living in South Florida learned THE HARD WAY.
According to online reports, his wife PULLED UP on him and his side chick as they ate at a local restaurant.

Then she began to hit him repeatedly in the face before she poured a bowl of SCALDING HOT SOUP on his face and told him to meet her at their home. His wife then leaves as her husband sits calmly, with his eyes closed and covered in the soup. Onlookers swarmed him before somebody eventually passed him a towel so that he could clean up.

He was caught cheating, but his wife actions did not draw much sympathy for her with many blasting her violent reaction.

"No no no, this is very wrong. I dont Support such act, people shouldnt conclude so quick when you see a woman with a man in a Restaurant eatin or having a drink. Any other thing can make Them sit together."

" And why wouldn’t he seek refuge in the arms of another woman? Look at his wife’s behaviors! She has a bad character cos no person in their right mind would pull a stunt like that and expect a favorable outcome."

"QUESTION? Is marriage supposed to be a prison? Just wondering. Thank you."

The man was eventually taken to the hospital with SECOND DEGREE BURNS on parts of his face.

Take a look at the video below. Was the woman wrong for putting her hands on her husband or did he get what he deserved for cheating on her?