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MTO SHOCK VIDEO: 'MAGA' School Shooter Went CRAZY . . . When Black Teen BEAT HIM UP . . . And STOLE His Girlfriend!!! (PICS Of The Teen . . . Plus TEXT MESSAGES)

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The Trump Supporting RACIST school shooter Nikolas Cruz was thrown into a RACIST RAGE after his girlfriend DUMPED him for a Black guy – and the Black teen BEAT HIM UP!!!
According to new reports – coming from the High School, Nikolas began showing MURDEROUS PSYCOPATHIC behavior – after his GF was stolen.

And now just stolen by anyone – a BLACK GUY.

Nickolas is a NAZI White Supremacist – so he confronted the Black teen who “stole” his girlfriend. And according to reports, the teen BEAT UP NIKOLAS.

Some are suggesting that Nikolas SAVAGE MAGA MASSACRE was a result of him being “cucked” by A Black teen named Enea Sabadini.

“While he was chasing me down the street, he also called me a n*gger multiple times,” Enea said during his interview with Buzzfeed. “He was also trying to stab me with pencils. [...] I remember telling him that I was a gazelle, because I was much faster than him." Despite Cruz' racial remarks, Enea felt that the issue had more to do with losing his girlfriend.

“I don’t think he was mad at me about race. But I don’t get why he was so mad over a girl,” he said.

Perhaps it was just that he lost his girlfriend to a Black man. If Enea had been white - would it even have been an issue?

Here is a pic of the teen that STOLE Nicolas girlfriend
Here are some THREATENING texts, that Nikolas sent the teen who stole his GF.