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MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Rappers Post Video Of Drunk Blonde . . . . Offers To 'Lick Black Guys N*T S*CK'!!! (We're In A New Age Of THOTS)

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Some Los Angeles rappers posted a video online that’s gone viral. They posted a video showing a Blonde girl offering her body to one o the rappers.

In the video, the girl – who claims that shes “never been with a Black guy” offered all kinds of FREAKY THINGS on video.

She appears to be under the influence of something and her red, off the shoulder top is loose, and she clutches it tight to her chest as all three swarm around her. They even try to get the lady to pay for the privilege, attempting to charge her $150-$200 a pop. That's before the lady then claims that she should just sleep with their girlfriends.

She appears to be very up for the task and more than eager, and there is no evidence of cohesion in the video. The video is currently doing the rounds on the internet, and it's likely that her family and friends will soon come across it. We hope that they're okay with her offering to lick the rappers balls. The video is outrageous

You really have to see it to believe it

Watch the video of the eager beaver below! Is she a THOT or not?