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MTO SHOCK VIDEO: P*rn Actress Just Leaked A S*XTAPE . . . That She Had . . . With A POPULAR RAPPER!!!

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On September 21, p*rn star Bella Elise Rose posted an explicit video to her Twitter page, something not uncommon for a porn star to do. The video is a 31-second clip of her, in red underwear, on her back, having relations with a man. The post included the message, "Fun Fact: I like to get my little p*ssy destroyed before bed. Helps me sleep. A little teaser. Full video will be on my only fans!"

Here is the video

It turns out it was Riff Raff (the rapper) in the video. Bella even confirmed it. When asked if it was the rapper in the video, Bella said, "It was never meant to be a sex tape, we were just having fun — Okay, so our fun happened to include a camera."

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