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MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Pregnant Girl Is BRUTALLY BEATEN On Livestream . . . By Her 'FRIENDS' . . . She's In The Hospital NOW!! (Pray For Her And The Baby)

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A pregnant teenage girl in Georgia is currently in the HOSPITAL – after getting PUNCHED, KICKED and thrown down stairs – by a group of “friends.”

The teenager is seen wrestling with another female while one of the people in the home records the fight on his phone. As the punch and kick each other, a male voice can be heard saying "Push her down the steps! Push her down the steps!" A male and female are then seen grabbing the teen by her hair and throwing her down the stairs. As if the attack wasn't brutal enough - the teen is seen laying on the floor being repeatedly kicked and punched in the face and lost consciousness!

The victim can be heard sobbing during the jump.

Authorities are NOT releasing the names of the suspects in the video. But hopefully, they catch the perpetrators soon. It's bad enough to commit such a heinous crime, but to upload it to social media? We can help but wonder who the hell told them that this going viral on social media would work out for them.

We’re told that the woman who was visiting a friend in Alton Park Village and was assaulted is in fact PREGNANT. And as a result of the attack was admitted to the hospital for “complications” in her pregnancy.

It has since been learned that the young woman from Chatanooga - who goes by the name Shaaylahh has lost her baby. She was five months pregnant at the time.

Here is the link to the video