MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Popular Rapper XXXTentacion FAKES HIS OWN SUICIDE . . . To Get MORE POPULARITY . . . He's Allegedly a 'DEVIL WORSHIPER'!!! (Watch The GRAPHIC 'Suicide' Video)


Hip hop is in a VERY dark place. Upcoming rapper XXXTentacion is known for his rhymes, his Satan worship and his depression.The rapper has frequently rhymed about having a "relationship" with Satan.

He's also spoken out openly in the past about his battle with depression. Here's some of what he's said in the past:

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Well last night, he shocked many of his fans - when he posted footage of himself hanging from a tree. X simulated the act of suicide by appearing to jump from a ladder near a tree.

X took to his IG account to dispel rumors he was dead. He posted on IG a clip from an upcoming music video that shows him rapping while hanging from a tree.

X captioned his post, “If you thought I would pretend to kill myself for a publicity stunt you’re f*****g stupid.”

He added this statement:

“Everyone needs to calm down. That was a prop from my music video. It was a piece of my music video. Everybody needs to chill the f**k out. I was just trying to preview it. I didn’t know people would not catch on. There’s a lot of people that caught on. I was in the middle of shooting, so I couldn’t explain myself. I couldn’t end the rumor. Everybody needs to chill the f**k out. I’m not playing with suicide, especially since I had a girl kill herself in my f*****g hotel room, not even two to three months ago. It’s not cool to make assumptions. Nobody in my camp claimed I was dead. …How the f**k would the video post itself? Y’all n****s is tripping. Relax. I had to hurry up and post, so n****s didn’t think I was dead cause I don’t want any of my f*****g fans killing themselves. Y’all n****s is tripping. …I’m not dead. Relax, it’s for a music video. I was trying to surprise you guys and show my fans I’m out here really working. And then there was a subliminal noose in my profile picture. There’s a big f******g on the left side of my profile picture. Y’all n****s is f*****g crazy. For my fans, not the n*****s that be hating, how did y’all not piece together the fact that I’m really out here tryna preach a positive message, and I’m telling y’all n****s not give up. Why would I go kill myself and abandon all of you. I literally have like two million kids that look up to me.”

Many fans took to social media to react to X’s shocking video of him hanging himself:

Many people are upset with his "publicity stunt." Some of his fans are calling for a boycott.