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MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Old Man Commits SUICIDE On Livestream . . . And People Send HUNDREDS OF LIKES . . Before He PULLS THE TRIGGER!!! (What Is This World Coming To??)

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A Turkish man committed suicide yesterday on Livestream - and it's making international news. Here's how it is being reported locally:

The incident took place in Yavuz Selim Quarter of Kayseri. Ayhan Uzun, 54 years old, according to the information received, wrote "There is live broadcast in the evening" on Facebook. Long, a monopoly dealership operator, then wrote to his social media account, "Those who put me to this testament, let me come to the funeral."

Later, at around 1o:30 p.m., it started broadcasting live via social media account. Long, who spoke to his relatives for about a minute, said: "On the happiest day of my daughter, they call me and the father tells me to come to the sweets (sweet meal: engagement) as if to call me in. This happily did not come to me. Nobody put me in the place of the man, my father-in-law gave me my mother-in-law, my mother-in-law, my daughter passed without right of my children and she did not ask me if my father had not died. I said, "Daddy, come and see me, my sister said," I said, "I came to you, and if I did not come, my wife said I would come to your feet ... Maybe some of you will say that this is what you do, I do not want anyone to live with me. I will end my life "

Long said these words, his followers had said goodbye, saying goodbye, but he counted him up as a throne and put an end to his life by shooting at his gun.

Relatives after the incident ran to the house where Uzun lived but it was compared to the body of Uzun.

Here is the link to the video