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MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Man Suffers HORRIFYING Frostbite . . . They're Going To Have To AMPUTATE . . . His Nose AND HIS HANDS!!! (Dayumm)

Author: obtained a horrifying video – that shows the DANGERS of being out in the cold without proper protection.

The video was taken outside of Astana in Kazakhstan– where today’s low temperature was -31 degrees The Kazakh man suffered frostbite after a week spent in the cold.

Look closely at the video – you can see that the nose and hands of the man turned into eerie ice. This is crazy, considering that he appears to be dressed up warmly in a thick, winter coat, a black skully - normal winter attire. But this winter has been particularly frosty; it's even snowing in Saudi Arabia right now!

“What day of the week is it?” Asks the man for the first time in a long time.

His fingers and nose look more like a dummy; it’s scary to believe that these are parts of a living human body – they are so frost-bitten that they turned into eerie white ice floes.

The authors of the video respond to his question, telling him – "January 22th, Tuesday." The victim continues, showing his fingers – “I left them on Monday, here, a week I’m on the street.”

The men in the house are horrified, they talk amongst themselves, saying: “This is definitely an amputation, you have to take it to the hospital.”

However, the victim does not seem to understand the tragic nature of his frostbite, he asks for a smoke. Perhaps he does not feel the limbs anymore.

Winter is not here to play with you folks! Wrap up warm! It's out here turning grown ass men into real-life snowmen!