MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Man Gets KNIFE From His BABYS Mother . . . And Stabs His SIDE CHICK IN THE BACK!!! (Dang . . . In Front Of His KIDS Too)


On October 28, 2017, a woman was stabbed in the back with a knife in a bar in Brazil. Reports say that 34-year-old Olinda de Jesus Conceição was reportedly with friends at a local bar in Bahia when she was brutally attacked by a man she used to date.

According to reports, she was trying to END THE RELATIONSHIP, because she learned that he LIVED with another woman. But the man wasn't willing to end things quietly.

As the below video shows, a person believed to be the accused baby's mother arrived and handed a backpack to him.

The bar’s security camera captured the moment the man opened the backpack, calmly rummaged through it to recover a knife, got up and plunged the blade into the woman’s back.

At the time, a pair of children, who entered at the same time as the woman who handed the man the backpack, was also in the bar and witnessed the stabbing.

The backstabber (literally) left the bar after the incident, while the victim struggled to maintain composure.