MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Man Gets BIT BY A TIGER . . . While Trying To Feed The GIANT CAT!! (He Should Have Been PAYING ATTENTION)


An elderly man who tried to feed a tiger may lose his hand after he put it through the bars of the cage.

The fierce beast had been waiting in its cage ahead of a circus performance when curious locals decided to try and get a closer look.

Armed with small pieces of meat, the man, who has not been named in reports, climbs up on the truck to feed two of the big cats locked in the separate pens.

The man was filmed as he attempted to feed the animals like they were domestic pets.

Both animals react to the meat and the OAP does not know whether to pay attention to his left or right hands as he tries the dangerous stunt.

The poor victim’s right hand was left bloodied and badly mangled, and he was later taken to hospital for treatment.

It is not known if the man’s hand can be saved, but he is expected to survive his injuries.

Local authorities in Xichuan County, China, have yet to comment on the matter, so it is unclear whether the circus performance went on as scheduled.

The man received little sympathy after his ordeal, from social media users in China.