MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Man Catches DERANGED Woman In His Backyard . . . Attempting To KIDNAP HIS KIDS!! (What Would YOU Do???)


An Australian left his kids alone to play in his backyard for just a few minutes . . . And he nearly LOST THEM.

When he came back out, he noticed a 27-year-old woman in his backyard, talking with his two small children, cellphone in hand.

The man immediately called the police, then pulled out his phone to record as he held the woman CAPTIVE. He warns the woman that she is not to go anywhere because the cops were on their way.

“I just caught this lady in my backyard trying to snatch my little boy,” he says. “The police are on the way, and they told me I can detain you while you're in my backyard. So don't even try and leave!"

She appears to try and smooth talk her way out of the situation, but the enraged father is having none of it!

“The kids overheard what you were asking my son, and you are trying to snatch him barefoot.”

The woman was apparently disoriented in the video and keeps referring to the child as her "daughter" before the man corrects her, declaring - "That's my son!"

The attempted child-snatcher is later seen in the video being cuffed and removed from his property, bowing her head in shame. The woman was then taken to a local hospital where she was detained for a mental health assessment. She has not been charged with any crimes, but the family is thought be considering pressing charges upon her release.

Here is the video of the alleged attempted abduction: