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MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Man Is ATTACKED On Livestream . . . By His Homie's PITBULL . . . Was It HIS FAULT He Got BIT??? ('Nah Fam . . . REAL SH*T . . . AAAAAHHHH)

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A disturbing video has been released online – showing a man getting ATTACKED by his friend's PITBULL.

The video starts with the man getting too close to his friend's PITBULL – and the dog attacks – locking onto his leg.

The dog, named Sheba - does not even flinch as she is being slapped in the face in a desperate bid to get her to release the young male's pants.

And you hear the man PLEADING with his friend - to help get the dog OFF OF HIM. Eventually, the owner manages to calmly talk the dog down, and she lets go.

Pitbulls are notoriously dangerous animals. While many states allow people to own the dogs - some have implemented an outright pitbull ban, including Denver and Miami. In these states, it is illegal to own, house, harbor, import, train or breed any of the listed dogs.

Violations of these laws can lead to hefty fines and even a prison sentence.

Just last week, a 5-year-old girl was bitten by an off-leash pit bull in Contra Costa County. Fortunately, she was wearing a puffy winter coat which protected her against the attack, and that meant that her injuries were relatively minor.

In 2017, there were a reported 39 dog bite fatalities in the United States. Of the 39, a whopping 27 of these were caused by Pitbulls. There's a reason for the hysteria surrounding the breed. But a Pitbull in the hands of a reckless, irresponsible owner most likely increases the chances of a vicious attack.

Judging from this video, the owner doesn't have control of his dog.

Here’s the video: