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MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Man Accidentally DIES . . . Trying To Take A SELFIE . . . With An ONCOMING TRAIN!!! ('The DEADLY SELFIE')

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A man was accidentally KILLED – trying to get the perfect SELFIE for his social media page.

We know how important social media platforms are and that it can prove tricky sometimes to nail the perfect angle, but people - safety first, PLEASE!

The man – who has NOT been named by local press – is an Indian graduate student who had a strong social media following.

The 20-something was known for pulling “pranks” on his social media page - and the “selfie” appeared to be a prank.

In the video, the young man was trying to get close to the Hyderabad metro train, without being struck. Unfortunately, he misjudged the distance – and it cost him his life. He was rushed to hospital following the incident at the Borabanda Railway Station. The victim sustained some serious injuries, and some reports say that he died in hospital.

The video of his death was released by Government Railway Police.

“He did not realize the danger he was in and ignored the furious honking by the loco pilot who tried to warn him off. The train hit him, and he was thrown away from the track. He received serious injuries on his right hand, head and chest, but is out of danger now,” Dasya Naik, Sub-Inspector, Nampally, Telangana State Railway Police, told IndianExpress.

The number of selfie-related deaths is surprising (at least five deaths every day), and India is actually the country with the highest number of selfie-related deaths in the world. Between March 2014 and September 2016, a shocking 60% of selfie-related fatalities occurred there.

We have the shocking video of his last moments.

Here is the VIDEO showing his DEADLY SELFIE.