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MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Kim Zolciak EXPOSES Her Daughter's BOOBS On Snapchat . . . People Are Saying . . . She's 'PIMPING' Her Daughter!! (Video Here)

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Kim Zolciak Biermann from the Atlanta Housewives just EXPOSED her daughter to the world. For YEARS Kim has been trying to help her offspring become a Kardashian-like reality star.

Now she appears to be using Kardashian-type tactics to bring that about.

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Yesterday Kim asked her daughter to EXPOSE herself on SNAPCHAT. And Brielle didn't seem to be upset one bit by her mom EXPOSING her breasts to MILLIONS of followers:

Here's the explicit video

People are now saying that it appears that Kim is "pimping" her daughter - much like how Kris Jenner is doing so.