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MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Hackers Release A 'Rihanna' SEXTAPE . . . They Used Artificial Intelligence . . . To 'STEAL' Rih's FACIAL IDENTITY!!! (Wow . . . That's A VIOLATION)

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Hackers are now using ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – to steal celebrities' faces – and using it to create ADULT VIDEOS.

The process, which is called “DEEP FAKING” uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to cut the celebrities face – and paste it onto an adult film star.

The hackers have a bunch of celebrity videos. This weekend, they just released the “Rihanna” sex tape.

Over the years, there have been several claims of a Riri sex tape leakage, but all of the claims have turned out to be fakes. It seems the porn creators have given up trying to allege that Rihanna has a real sex tape floating around the internet somewhere and have resorted to merely stealing her identity.

We know that sex tapes are not always seen as being harmful. Kim Kardashian went on to build an entire career on the back of her video leak with Ray J. But even a "deep faking" video is a HUGE violation.

The Fenty boss is currently taking a heavy role in politics and philanthropy, so it's doubtful that this video will be out here for long. We have no idea what kind of sickos have the time and drive to spend time making these bootleg flicks but for now - it's out here.

Here is the link to the video for those who'd like to view it – we warn you – it is EXTREMELY graphic.