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MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Mother Shares Video On FACEBOOK . . . Of Her BABYS Father . . . CHOKING THEIR BABY!! (What The HECK)

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Here is what a concerned mother posted on Facebook - along with the below video:

I've always worried about someone hurting my child but I never would have thought his own father would be the one to do it.

I let my child visit his father states away from me so that they could keep a relationship. If I had just been like most mothers and not care about the father this would [not] have happened.

He choked my sweet baby because his girlfriend wouldn't talk to him. No child deserves this.

How could you claim to love him more than life but abuse him when things don't go your way? Then you lie and tell everyone I'm a bad parent? Seriously?

You play victim and paint this innocent picture but everyone needs to know you for who you are. [His father] is a weak narcissistic psycho who will beat on a woman or child but will not fight a man.

You can not manipulate your way out of this one. #share#viral And no I will not take this down.

[video width="400" height="400" mp4=""][/video]