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MTO SHOCK VIDEO!!! 70-Year-Old MARRIED Man Has A HEART ATTACK . . . He FAPPED HIMSELF TO DEATH . . . While Livestreaming On A WEBSITE!!! (Dang . . . What A Way To GO) #DeadlyFap

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A very sad story is coming out of Eastern Pennsylvania. A 69-year-old married man had a heart attack LIVE ON CAMERA. He was Livestreaming to an audience, on a popular LGBT website.

The man, who we're just going to call Bill, began feeling chest pains during his Livestreamed FAP SESSION - and he fell unconscious. At about 9:45 minutes into the video his wife finds him dead in the chair.

Eventually, the paramedics try and save him, but it's too late. Everything is caught on camera.

Here is the video of the incident

Here was Bill's profile on the website: