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MTO SHOCK VIDEO: High School Student Get A Rude 'WAKE UP' Call . . . After His FRIENDS Post A Video . . . Calling Black People 'N***ERS' On Social Media!!

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A disturbing video is being shared online by students at Utah's Weber High School. An African-American student named Ty Burnett - who is a proud member of the football team - just shared a video that some of the students at his school made.

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The students, who were supposed to be Ty's friends - created a very RACIST video - and shared it on social media.

Ty posted the following on Twitter:

"I thought people were better than this, especially my so called “friends”

Here is the link to the video

Ty's REAL friends seem to be very supportive of him online. Here's a post from one supportive student:

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Ty is the epitome of CLASS as a student. Here he is with his parents and siblings:

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