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MTO SHOCK REPORT: Suspicion Arises . . . That MSNBC Star Rachel Maddow . . . May Have Been . .. POISONED BY RUSSIA!!!


There's a growing sense of UNEASE among Democrats and liberals, concerning the health and welfare of MSNBC's top news anchor Rachel Maddow.

Rachel has now been off the air for almost two weeks, over a mysterious "illness." She was stricken by the illness after she had done a series of HARD-HITTING news reports linking President Trump to Russia - suggesting he could be in COLLUSION WITH RUSSIAN SPIES.

Some people both INSIDE the news network and outside are worried that here could be FOUL PLAY. We spoke to one MSNBC staffer who was nervous - they explained, "No one is saying anything about Rachel's [illness] and I'm worried it could be something the Russians did to her."

And social media is FULL of people worried about the same thing . . . Look . . .