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MTO SHOCK REPORT: Nicki Minaj New Weave Cost $75,000 . . . It's All REAL HAIR . . . That Took An Indian Girl . . . 6 YEARS TO GROW!! (Is It WORTH IT Though??)

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Nicki Minaj's new EXTRA LONG weave cost a reported $75,000 according to sources close to the PLATINUM SELLING ARTIST.

Why so much? Well because the hair is 100% real, and all from the SAME PERSON. We're told, "The woman who 'donated' her hair had to grow it to that length TWICE so that she could have enough for a full head [weave]."

We're told that the woman whose hair was used was NOT hired by Nicki - but by a popular hair company. They explained, "She had a special diet to make her hair grow thick and strong. It took six years to get all the hair necessary."

Wow, that's expensive.