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MTO SHOCK REPORT: Jay-Z And Beyonce 'ARGUING' At The Grammys . . . Bey SONNED HIM . . . Told Jigga 'Don't Talk To Me . . . Hold My Hand And SMILE'!!!

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Beyonce is the QUEEN in her marriage . .. and she’s letting everyone know that – including her husband Jay-Z.

Here’s what the website Crazy Days And Nights is reporting:

This permanent A list singer said,

“Don’t talk to me for the rest of the night. You are awful. Now hold my hand and smile.”

Apparently, the argument that preceded it with her A-list husband is the reason they were late to the show.

We don't blame Bey.

It can be easy to forgive and still be difficult to forget, and this betrayal was a BIG ONE. But Jay seems willing to accept whatever justice Beyonce dishes out - and sometimes that will mean getting SONNED in public!

The 48-year-old mogul opened up about his marriage to the "Upgrade U" star during an interview with CNN's Van Jones.

"The best apology is changed behavior... You have to acknowledge the pain, and you have to let that person have their say [...] You have to get on the floor, get on the mattress. You have to work through it. Really be honest [...] It takes a while. It's hard. it's difficult to hear, difficult to stay, difficult to listen to that kind of pain—but you have to be strong enough."

At least he's taking full responsibility and his punishment like a man! It's still unclear as to why Bey was so mad at Jay Z over the weekend. One thing's clear - he could never be so dense as to cheat on her again!