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MTO SHOCK REPORT: Fast Food Worker Puts MENSTRUAL BLOOD Inside Customer's HAMBURGER . . . They're Looking . . . For The Woman Who ATE The 'PERIOD BURGER'!!!

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A fast food restaurant in Columbus, Mississippi has a NIGHTMARE on his hands. An ex-worker is alleging that they witnessed one of their servers put MENSTRUAL BLOOD inside a customer's burger.

Jack's in Columbus, Mississippi, is the name of the fast food restaurant in question.

The young worker, whose name is withheld, allegedly saw a co-worker "lick" a burger, and also put "period blood" inside of it - and then serve it to a customer. The worker claims that she tried to bring this matter to the attention of managers at Jack's corporate headquarters - but they suspected she was lying.

Well the young woman appears to have EVIDENCE - she posted her full story on Facebook, along with an alleged audio confirmation that the NASTINESS happened.


My daughter saw another worker put her period blood and lick cheese that went on a customer's burger.

My daughter told the asst. that was on duty and the asst. still brought the food out to the customer!!! We called the store to try and talk to the general manager and they wouldn't give her the numbers to get a hold of a manager.

We then called corporate who again did nothing!!

They called my daughter in today and told her she was to resign or quit when she asked why they told her because her family made false reports!

Well here is your false report, the girl is on a recording telling my daughter they can't prove anything cause they didn't have video!!

There is a poor woman walking around not knowing anything. So if u went to Jack's between 10:00 pm and 10:30 pm on 1/7/2017 and u ordered the big jack with a sprite u got more then ketchup!!!

Here is the video: