SHOCK REPORT: Donald Trump's TREASURY NOMINEE Allegedly Just 'Lied' UNDER OATH . . . About The OCTOMOM!! (This Whole Thing . . . Is A CIRCUS)


Donald Trump's nominee for Treasury Secretary may be in trouble. According to online reports, he just LIED under oath.

On Thursday nominee Steven Mnuchin was testifying before Congress Under oath, and the question of his former company OneWest's FORECLOSURES came up.

During his testimony, Steve stated that his most haunting foreclosure was Octomom, Nadya Suleman – the famous California mother who gave birth to eight babies at once in 2009.

Well the website is saying he's LYING - a crime if he did so under oath. Here's what they report:

The Dirty can exclusively report, Mnuchin’s statement was a complete fabrication, as he exploited Suleman’s name for personal gain. We spoke exclusively with Octomom’s former management and caretaker Gina Rodriguez.

Gina stated, “Nadya [Natalie] Suleman’s name was NEVER on the loan or the house, she was renting. Her father Ed Doud was the only one on the note with homeowner Amer Haddadin. A close friend negotiated with the bank and they gave Nadya money to move out and relocate as a renter being evicted. I know because they wired me the funds. I found the home Nadya and her family moved into in Palmdale, California. Nadya nor I have EVER dealt with Steven Mnuchin. He’s lying.”