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MTO SHOCK REPORT: Blac Chyna's Mother Is REPORTEDLY HOMELESS . . . She Got 'CUT OFF' . . . After Criticizing KRIS JENNER!! (PICS)

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According to Star Magazine, Blac Chyna's mom is now HOMELESS. The last we heard of Chyna's mom - she was badmouthing Kris Jenner. Tonya eventually apologized (see below), but she was CUT OFF from Chyna and the Kardashians after her shenanigans.

Now Star mag is saying that she's homeless. Here's what they are reporting. We're not sure exactly WHAT to think about this.

Star has learned that Blac Chyna’s mother Shalana “Tokyo Toni” Hunter is homeless and working as an Uber driver to make ends meet.

"Toni and her husband, Marcellus, were recently evicted from their apartment,” reveals an insider.

“They’ve been relying on their friends for a place to stay.”