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MTO SHOCK REPORT: Angela Simmons' New Fiance/BABYS Father . . . Allegedly Spent Time In JAIL . . . For BEATING WOMEN!! (DETAILS)

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Yesterday told you guys that Angela Simmons was pregnant, and that her baby's father put a ring on her just to save face. Well there's MORE tea. According to the blogger Funky Dineva - she knows Angela's baby's father - and she says he's a woman beater

Here's her tea.

I just got off the phone with______. And uhmmm, according to ______, who is a trusted celebrity source who asked that I not reveal their identity, they say Sutton bought his then girlfriend, who is ____ best-friend a Range Rover for Christmas. For those of you who can’t count, Christmas was only four months ago. The question then becomes, when did Sutton and Angela have all this time to fall in love? Both parties have got some overlapping love affairs according to my math, or somebody is lying.

Love is blind and so are fists. According to the Clayton County Courthouse, Sutton has beat on women in the past. With that, I hope Reverend Run has a gun in his nightstand beside his bible. Preliminarily, I can already tell y’all that Sutton has too many ties to this small ass pond we call Atlanta. I’ve got a feeling all kinds of shit is about to hit the fan! Go purchase some empty tea cups NOW!