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MTO SHOCK PICS: Have Y'all Seen INTERNET SENSATION Nicky Heaton Lately . . . What The F**K Did She Do . . . To Her FACE!!

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Niykee Heaton was the first SOCIAL MEDIA THOTTIE – to become a pop star. At the time people were raving about how beautiful she looked.

Niykee was discovered via her YouTube channel. At the time, she regularly went viral with her acoustic guitar covers of contemporary hip-hop songs. In 2014, she released her Bad Intentions EP which debuted at number 6 on the iTunes charts.

Speaking to Billboard, she talked about the role that social media has played in her career.

"I hate it. It's a gift and a curse. It's gift because, I mean, you can do things now that you could never, ever have done 20 years ago in this industry. So it's great that you have this sort of platform you can reach people on. But other than that, I f*cking hate it. I want to get to the point where I can sell out all my tours and keep making music but like shut down everything else and live in a tent. Because I cannot stand social media."

And she doesn't read the comments either.

"I try not to ever, but Lauren [my manager] still reads hers -- I don't know why. I really try not to unless I see it on accident. Because if I went through and read every single comment and took it to heart, I would end up committing suicide. These kids are so awful, and they say the worst things that if you take it personally, it will destroy you."

Sucess has been bittersweet for the internet star. But, like much of Hollywood, she has turned to the knife for comfort.

Niykee had some work done. And her face looks . .. DIFFERENT.

Here she is now:

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This is what she looked like BEFORE all that surgery: