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MTO SHOCK PICS: Rapper T.I.'s STEP-DAUGHTER Zonnique Shows Off her BRAND NEW FACE . . . And People Are Saying . . . She Got A FACE LIFT!!!

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Last night was the premiere of the new show Growing Up Hip Hop in Atlanta - and all eyes were on rapper T.I.'s stepdaughter Zonnique.

Zonnique appeared to look VERY DIFFERENT from the way that she used to look. Many were whispering that they believe that she got a "facelift."

Look at the pics and decide for yourself.

BTW, Zonnique is only 21 YEARS OLD.

Even though T.I. and Tiny are divorcing, the rapper always has and will consider Zonnique his "baby girl," and said so much via Instagram when she turned 21 this past March.