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MTO SHOCK PICS: Rapper Fetty Wap Is COVERED IN WHITE POWDER . . . Looks Like SCARFACE . . . A End Of Movie!!!


Fetty Wap had some WHITE POWDERY SUBSTANCE around his nose in a recent pics.
People online are already speculating that the powder could be COCAINE.

Here are some of the comments left on the photo:

“Rolling around with that white girl 🐰”

” ain gone lie bra that’s coke or snot either or it’s yo life and you rich out here snort a whole 8 ball if you want to”

“Nah he don’t do coke that sh*t deadasl💀”

“Now I see how u ended up with a masika u were under this substance which impaired you judgment make since probably what’s her problem too!”

“Looks like coke n*gga !!Money Mitch Voice 🤣🤣”

“Lie to your mom, lie to your kids, lie to your friends— don’t lie to me.. ✋🏼😂😤”

Fetty is denying that it was DRUGS on his nose. He commented saying that he will not be deleting the picture and that he does not use cocaine.

“😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 y’all funny af I don’t roll like that, I ain’t deleting sh*t cause everybody who no me know I don’t play those games … i smoke big weed AnI drink Hennessy nothin less or more 💯”

While some fans still think he’s been indulging in a little nose candy, others leaped to his defense claiming that it was the glare from him jewelry on his nostrils, not cocaine.

We hope it is jewelry glare. He’s just brought a new baby into the world with Alexis Sky, and not to mention his other children that he is financially responsible for