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MTO SHOCK PICS: President 'Hillbilly Don' Is Missing A WHOLE LOT OF TEETH . . . On The Bottom Row . . . Got Less Teeth Than A METH SMOKER!!!!


President Trump is worth BILLIONS . .. so why does he have fewer TEETH in his mouth than a West Virginian METH SMOKER???

We got close up pics from the President’s mouth during last night’s State Of The Union address - and it’s pretty clear that he’s missing a LOT of teeth on the bottom.

Could his missing teeth be down to reports that the Prez has a penchant for diet cokes, consuming up to 12 cans of it every day? Despite being sugar-free, diet sodas can still be very bad for your teeth. Diet soda still cause around the same amount of dental erosion as regular sodas and can even be quite acidic.

Kind of makes you wonder if he LOST HIS DENTURES before the speech . . .

He IS 71 years old.

But - he is also the leader of the free world, a multi-billionaire and has plugs in virtually every industry in the world. We think Cheeto face needs to pay a visit to one of his rich dental doctor pals and fix it! It's bad enough that he's dragging America's reputation through the mud and killing the healthcare system - but we can't have him representing the country, toothless!

Well, at least his infamous, flyaway hairpiece was on point. Trump - who allegedly is bald on top, recently underwent the expensive procedure "Scalp Reduction Surgery," according to Michael Wolff's Fire And Fury book.

Scalp reduction surgery is when a surgeon snips off some of a person's bald scalp to stretch the remaining hair-covered portion of scalp up over your skull.

Sounds painful.

President Trump should pay Married to Medicine's Dr. Heavenly a visit - she'll get him right!