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MTO SHOCK PICS: We Got Pics Of Tomi Lahren . . . The FOX News THOTTIE That All These BLACK MEN LOVE . . . Without Any MAKEUP!!! (What's Wrong . . . With Her HEAD)

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Tomi Lahren has been GROWING in popularity - especially among Black men. She's been all over Black media - interviewing Charlamagne Tha God, Trevor Noah and Master P.

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Her recent efforts to at times appear more tolerant has earned her a growing fan base amongst SOME of the Black community. But makeup can hide a wealth of sins, and MediaTakeOut has an image of a makeup-less Tomi Lahren that'll give you nightmares!

In the pic, the usually brash blonde looks as though she's aged about 20 years. As she grins coyly into the camera, the race-baiting Fox News contributor looks like a cast member from The Hills Have Eyes movie. You wouldn't want to wake up out of your sleep with that face peering down at you!

Tomi was a hot topic of discussion this week after she called Rep. Joe Kennedy III "Limp D*ck" after taking offense to his response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech on Tuesday. She also referred to the Congressman as “pathetic” and “embarrassing."

She was then forced to apologize, saying:

"My comments on my personal Instagram about Kennedy’s response were inappropriate, and I take full responsibility for that. I got too upset. I sincerely apologize."

One thing's for sure - Tomi Lahren goes hard for Trump. And she has A HUGE Black male fan base. Word is that she also PREFERS to date African-American men. But would they go HARD for her after seeing this awful pic?

Well here’s what she looks like WITHOUT makeup:

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