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MTO SHOCK PICS: German BLONDE Gets BUTT SHOTS . . . And Has RIBS REMOVED . . . So That She Can Look Like 'Black Instagram Model'!!!

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German singer Sophia Vegas is spotted showing off the World’s smallest waist while out in Beverly Hills.
Sophia who had four ribs removed to create the smallest waist is thinking about having another rib removed to make her waist even smaller.

Her waist is just 18.5 inches. That's tiny! On New Year's Day, she posted a full body picture of herself with the following caption:

"I wish you all a happy new year 2018. I am grateful for all the fails in my live because each of them was always a lesson and made me stronger. I'm blessed to life a live what I never could imagine, and I'm so grateful for every moment. I hope you all realize your dreams in #2018 #makeachange #believe #visualize #love"

According to local reports, Sophia underwent her multiple surgeries so that she could have a shape like a “Black Instagram model.”

Vegas has already had some success in her career. Back in 2011, she starred as the lead actress of the Dokusoap Die Wollersheims - A terribly weird family, and even participated in the reality show Wild Girls - On High Heels through Africa.

She currently has 140k followers on Instagram alone.

What do you think? Does her tiny waist look good or should she quit while she's behind and leave the rest of her ribs in tact?