MTO SHOCK INTERVIEW: Rapper MC Shan Claims That Will Smith May Have 'GIVEN UP HIS BUTT' . . . For The Role On The FRESH PRINCE!! (Is He Telling TRUTH .. Or Jealous??)

Original: has learned that legendary rapper Rapper MC Shan was up for THE role in Fresh Prince of Bel Air - instead of Will Smith.

But all that changed after he insulted Will's manager Benny Medina - and his career took a drastic turn. Just last year he was a guest on the Murder Master Music Show where he spoke about his possible starring role in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and explained why he didn't get the role.

"I was up for that Fresh Prince role and Benny Medina was my record company head, and I was up for that Fresh Prince role but how I fucked that up was I told Benny Medina you are a fuckin' f--got! I told Benny Medina to his face "You are a f--got!" Then look what happens with Fresh Prince, he is in there doing Six Degrees of Separation.

Will is my man, but I could never see myself doing that. Yeah you are the $20 million dollar man but what part of your soul did you sell? What piece of your ass did you give up?

I don't know, I'm just allegedly alleging! It didn't get to the negotiating stage and the money wasn't worth it for me. I wasn't for Warner Bros anyway I didn't fit their mold!

We're not sure WHAT to believe.