MTO SHOCK EXPLOSION: Member Of 1980s Group PUBLIC ENEMY . . . Blasts Russell Simmons . . . Claims Russell Was 'Picking Off Young GIRLS AND BOYS'!!


Russell Simmons' troubles are continuing to grow. There have been 12 women claiming that he sexually harassed or assaulted him. Now a member from one of his HOTTEST GROUPS just blasted him.

Professor Griff is a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer as a member of Public Enemy, but he is also an author, activist and soon to be filmmaker. Griff was a guest on the Murder Master Music Show to speak about his upcoming film The Oculist. While on the show he was asked about Russell Simmons and he went all the way in alleging that the Hip-Hop mogul was “picking off” young girls and young boys. Check out the intense clip below!

Griff calls Russell Simmons a “Slimy piece of sh*t," and then says “he was picking off young girls and young boys.”

"That f*ckin’ piece of slimy piece of f*ckin’ sh*t ball!. Fuck that bald-headed coward, he wanted to take credit for signing Public Enemy but it was Rick that had interest in Public Enemy, not him, F*ck Russell!

F*ck that pr*ck! If he did that shit to my daughter we wouldn’t even be on the phone right now. I would see that coward for real!. I warned people about him. He was picking off young girls and boys!"