MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Chris Brown Surrenders To Police!! (Details)


Chris Brown has surrendered to police. He is expected to be charged with criminal assault.

There is a TENSE situation going down in Los Angeles outside Chris Brown's home. Police are outside his house looking to question him and possibly arrest him.

Right now TMZ is reporting that Chris has locked himself inside. Here is what they are saying:

The guests included a man who was invited, and two women who were not -- one of the women who'd been asked to leave is the one who made the police report, claiming Brown pulled the gun on her. Someone inside the house insists Chris was asleep the whole time.

At some point Ray J left the house and when he got to the base of the driveway, police handcuffed him and seized his BMW. They checked his ID, uncuffed him and let him go, but kept his car as evidence. He Uber-ed home.

TMZ says Chris is locked inside and refusing to talk to police.