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MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Woman Claiming To Be Papoose's SECRET BABYS MOTHER . . . Makes Shocking New Video With her GOONS . . . Threatens Remy Ma!!!! (She Wants To 'SLICE' Remy)

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remy_papuggh told you that a New York woman is claiming to be Papoose SECRET BABY'S MOTHER. The woman, Topaze Stinton, claims that she had a relationship with Pap when Remy was in prison. And according to Topaze, she got pregnant during their relationship and eventually had a daughter by Papoose.

Well the woman released a video yesterday threatening Remy Ma - talking about "slicing" her . . . and how she and her people "buss their guns." Watch.

We hope and pray that the lady s not Papoose's baby's mother. Cause he and Remy don't need a PERSON LIKE THIS in their lives for the next 18 years.