MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Tyrese Goes OVER THE TOP . . He Made A VIDEO . . . THREATENING The Rock's DAUGHTERS!! (The Rock . . . Is Gonna PULL UP Any Minute)

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Tyrese had been going on RANT after RANT for the last couple of weeks. But his latest has gone TOO FAR. Listen to what he said about The Rock's daughters:

Here's what he said:

"I understand he's charming. I understand he's handsome. I understand he's got muscles. I understand he keeps orchestrating for random 10-year-olds to wait outside his trailer with signs that he put in their hands. I understand he uses steroids."

"Guys listen, at the end of the day he's a man first and I'm a man first and we had a man to man, and he want back on his word. And for that 'if my daughter don't matter, your daughters are not gonna matter either.'"

"Hello Dwayne."