MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Tyrese Goes OVER THE TOP . . He Made A VIDEO . . . THREATENING The Rock's DAUGHTERS!! (The Rock . . . Is Gonna PULL UP Any Minute)


Tyrese had been going on RANT after RANT for the last couple of weeks. But his latest has gone TOO FAR. Listen to what he said about The Rock's daughters:

Here's what he said:

"I understand he's charming. I understand he's handsome. I understand he's got muscles. I understand he keeps orchestrating for random 10-year-olds to wait outside his trailer with signs that he put in their hands. I understand he uses steroids."

"Guys listen, at the end of the day he's a man first and I'm a man first and we had a man to man, and he want back on his word. And for that 'if my daughter don't matter, your daughters are not gonna matter either.'"

"Hello Dwayne."