MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Top 'HIP HOP' Music Executive Is About To Get EXPOSED . . . Made Rappers 'S**K HIM' . . . To Get A Record DEAL!!! (Some Top 90s Rapper . . . S**KED Their Way To The Top)

Original: just got wind of some EXPLOSIVE ACCUSATIONS that are being made - against one of the TOP hip-hop executives of the '80s and '90s.

A former rapper is making CRAZY allegations against the legendary mogul - claiming that when the exec ran one of the BIGGEST LABELS IN THE WORLD - he routinely forced male rappers to "s**k him."

The former rapper is talking to at least ONE MAJOR weekly gossip mag - and he's naming names. There are BIG NAME lawyers involved and threats of lawsuits - so we're not naming ANY names. #MTOWantsNoSmoke

According to the former rapper, the executive "abused" some of the biggest names in hip hop. The insider explained, "You had to have [or *l s*x] with him if you wanted a record deal, and he signed some of the biggest names in hip hop."

The rapper suggests that the mogul - who he claims is "bisexual" - enjoyed making young rappers do that. "He made us all do it, and it gave him a sense of power over us. Not just while we were doing it, but for our entire careers."

This blockbuster report - we're told - will be the BIGGEST SCANDAL in the history of hip hop. Prepare yourselves folks . . . it's about to GO DOWN.