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MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: T.I'.s Wife Tiny Puts Her Marriage ON BLAST . . . Appears To CONFIRM . . . That She Cheated With Floyd Mayweather!!


Last week, sources close to the situation told that rapper T.I. and his wife Tameka Harris are "working on their marriage." Well it might be OVER now.

Last night, Tiny went off on her official Facebook page - she practically ADMITTED to cheating with Floyd Mayweather.

In the rant, she starts off by saying that she's a "woman fed up," suggesting that she's ready to THROW IN THE TOWEL on her marriage. And she went on to say that since her husband T.I. "associates himself" with women, he is not the "only man she's going to associate herself with."

While Tiny didn't out-and-out ADMIT to messing with the GREATEST BOXER IN HISTORY . . . she sure sounds like she busted her marital vows with him.