MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: They Are Spilling ALL THE TEA On Carmelo Anthony's PREGNANT SIDE CHICK . . . They're Calling Her . . . A 'WELL EDUCATED THOT'!!! (Poor LaLa)


News broke two days ago that Carmelo Anthony may have gotten a side chick pregnant. Well now ALL the details are coming out, courtesy of Chicago's top radio station WGCI. A friend of the alleged side chick named Anthony took to the radio, and told ALL the girls alleged business. Watch here:

Here are the Cliffnotes:

- She's a "party girl' not a 'stripper'.
- She has allegedly had relationships with athletes in the past
- She was "focused" on Carmelo when the two started seeing each other
- The girl used to date Lil Durk and Ryan Henry from Black Ink Chicago
- She bought her own tickets to fly to NYC to meet Carmelo and have sex
- LaLa did NOT know that Carmelo was cheating with this woman
- The girl has two masters degrees - she's very smart. Se went to Northwestern University
- She had the baby with Carmelo as her "hustle" to get money out of Melo.
- She is 4 to 5 months pregnant

Here is the alleged woman