MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Cam'ron Makes EXPLOSIVE Diss Track Against MASE . . . Claims Mase Was MOLESTED . . . And 'F**KED' By Diddy!!!


Cam'ron and his former frendMASE are in the middle of a HIP HOP war - and it just went CRAZY. Early yesterday Mase dropped his TRACK against Cam - and it was good.

But Cam'ron's response was EXPLOSIVE. The music was good . . . but what he was saying was CRAZY.

In the son, Cam says to Mase, "How are you mad at me, when you let Mr. Boyce touch you." The lyric implies that a man named "Mr Boyce" may have molested Mase.

Then he drops a BOMB saying that "Puff f**ked you."