MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Porsha From ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES . . . Allegedly Slept With Co-Star Kandi's BABYS FATHER!!

Kandi_Porsha just got hold of some EXPLOSIVE information. According to a person IN THE KNOW, Porsha from the Atlanta Housewives allegedly slept with Kandi Burruss' first baby's father (Riley's dad).

A couple of things to note. First off, Kandi and Riley's father are NOT romantically involved. Kandi moved on with her life a LONG TIME AGO, she's now married to Todd Tucker and she has a son with him.

But we're told that Kandi still FEELS A WAY about the entire incident. The insider explains, "Porsha and Block hooked up years ago, when he WAS still dealing with Kandi." The insider continues, "Porsha was up in Kandi's face all this time, knowing she was f*cking her baby's father behind her back."

So what do you guys think? Should Kandi be UPSET that Porsha was messing with her baby's father. And what about TODD? Do you think Kandi and Todd's MARRIAGE will be impacted with all this BABY DADDY DRAMA?