MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Generally Kelly Told Omarosa . . . NO 'BLACK PEOPLE ALLOWED' . . . At Trump Christmas Party!!! (Wow . . . That's CRAZY)


The news is finally coming out - on why Omarosa was upset, and why she had to be PHYSICALLY RESTRAINED and PUT OUT of the White House.

The two did not part ways on good terms, but the trigger for Manigault flying into a rage against Kelly was learning that her husband John Allen Newman could no longer attend the holiday bash.

The former Apprentice star demanded to know if President Trump was aware of the decision, before she marched off towards his residence, where she once had been relatively free to come and go.

Generally Kelly has showed that he's LIKELY a White Supremacist in the way he handled the situation with Congresswoman Wilson - a Black woman who he ATTACKED for no reason - other than her race.