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MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: The Newest Instagram Sensation . . . Is A S*X DOLL . . . The Doll Has 149,000 FOLLOWERS!!! (Insta-THOTS Are Panicking)

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The Insta-thot game is about to be over . . . The new wave of SEX DOLLS is taking the world by storm! Not only are men BUYING UP these dolls like crazy – the dolls are now becoming INSTAGRAM STARS!

One doll – who goes by the name of “Honey” – already has over 100,000 followers. “She” posts pics of her and her boyfriend on The Gram – and THOUSANDS of people follow their every move.

In the images, you can see Honey and her owner/boyfriend lying next to each other on the bed and Honey decked out in a hot pink wig. In the next image, her "boyfriend" shows off her womanly wiles by placing her in a highly provocative position, stopping just shy of her rubbery goodies!

There are several other pics showing them air kissing and laying around doing regular couple-ish things. Honey showcases at least three wig colors in the viral snaps - one pink, one purple and a blonde piece.

Not that long ago, sex dolls were seen as taboo and using them was not generally seen as something to be proud of. But in 2018, people are actively and openly exploring their sexuality relatively judgment-free and what was once a novelty is steadily becoming the norm!

So, be prepared to see a lot more people sharing their plastic baes online. We already know that rubber, life-like babies have been available for some years now, so also expect to see blended human/plastic doll families in the very near future too!

Too far, or are plastic dolls the way forward?


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