MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Meet The Woman Who ALLEGEDLY Gave Nicki Minaj . . . Cheap $800 ILLEGAL BUTT SHOTS . . . No Wonder Nicki's BOOTY DROPPED


Kimberly Smedley served prison time for giving ILLEGAL butt shots to women all over the country - now she's snitching. In addition to writing a TELL-ALL BOOK, she just dry snitched on Nicki Minaj in a live interview.

Listen closely as Kimberly talks about giving a female rapper butt shots (Nicki Minaj) right before she got put on in her career. The interviewer suggests that given her timeline that she couldn't have been taklking about Nicki Minaj, but Kimberly corrects him. She argues him down saying that she knows Nicki and has known her for years and that Nicki didn't have a butt until she got put on.

She also strongly implies that she was the one giving Nicki Minaj her cheap ass $800 butt shots.

No wonder Nicki's ass dropped like Remy said. She got cheap ass motel room ass shots.