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MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Meek Mill Appears To DISS Nicki Minaj . . . Then DELETES His Instagram . . . Says She's 'TEMPORARY'!!! (We Have . . . His LAST POST)


Rapper Meek Mill deleted his Instagram page after launching into a TIRADE that many believe was aimed at his estranged girlfriend Nicki Minaj.

Rumors have been flying HEAVY that Meek and Nicki are on the verge of breaking up - and yesterday Meek appeared to CONFIRM the rumors.

Meek posted a comment LASHING OUT against "n***as" and "b****es." His exact words were "B****es are temporary." After that post, Meek DELETED his Instagram.

Meek is supposed to be engaged in a long-term relationship with Nicki Minaj - we don't think they're relationship was meant to be "temporary."