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MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Martin Luther King's Family BLAST Dodge SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL . . . Says It Was 'UNAUTHORIZED'!!! (Was MLK . . . Was JACKED???)

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Last night’s Superbowl had a very Interesting commercial for Dodge RAM TRUCKS. The ad used Dr. Martin Luther King’s voice – to sell the trucks.
It’s got MIXED REVIEWS – with some LOVING the commercial, and others finding it TROUBLING that a Black leader is being used to sell stuff.

In the video, King's voice can be heard saying - "Recognize that he who is greatest among you shall be your servant ... That's your new definition of greatness — it means that everybody can be great because everybody can serve."

The voiceover was taken from a speech taken February 4th, 1968 - 50 years ago to the day.

The commercial depicts men and women hard at work, including fishermen, construction workers, cattle ranchers, a school teacher, a student, a mother, military, football players, and others on the job and in between, showing footage of the Ram Trucks in action.

Well, Bernice King just announced that neither the King Center just said that neither they nor the King family authorized the use of MLK's voice.

“Neither @TheKingCenter nor @BerniceKing is the entity that approves the use of #MLK’s words or imagery for use in merchandise, entertainment (movies, music, artwork, etc.) or advertisement, including tonight’s @Dodge #SuperBowl commercial,” they stated via Twitter.

People are in uproar over the usage of King's words to sell trucks and expressed them vividly across their social media platforms. It very surprising that at a time when racial tension is so high - Ram Trucks could be so obtuse as not to seek permission before rolling out the ad.

They better pull the ad and cut the King's a check - ASAP!

It's doubly bad since King’s “Drum Major Instinct” sermon explicitly discourages people from succumbing to the powers of advertising, and we're assuming that means automobiles - especially during Black History Month.